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Best Laid Plans

What’s everyone doing this weekend?

Many of you applying to Babson Early Decision or Early Action by November 1 probably expected to have a weekend free of college applications for the first time in months. Instead of checking that essay one more time or making sure your recommendations had been submitted, you’d head outside to enjoy the fall weather, maybe watch some college football or catch up with friends. However, due to some technical problems with the new Common Application, many of you have not yet been able to successfully submit your application to Babson prior to today’s original deadline of November 1. As I hope you’ve heard, we’ve extended the deadline to November 8 to accommodate those of you who have run into these issues. So you now have a whole extra week to apply to Babson Early Decision or Early Action.

If you’re anything like 18 year old me you’re probably thinking “great, a week long break before I have to sit down and submit next Friday” But before you shut down your computer, here is some advice for you:

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Hopefully by next week all the Common Application glitches will be fixed and it will be smooth sailing for the rest of the application season. However, if that does not happen, waiting until the last minute could lead to more of the same glitches. And if everyone waits until the last minute, there is no guarantee that tech support will be able to accommodate all requests for help.

While I hope everyone has a wonderful, relaxing weekend (I for one hope to sleep past 6 am..), if you have not done so already, take some time to read that essay over one more time and hit Submit. You won’t be sorry when it’s sent off on the 8th and if you receive an extra recommendation after the deadline, we will add it to your application.

As my colleague James points out “The Red Sox got it done in Game 6, not Game 7”.  Be the Red Sox. (you didn’t think I could get through this blog without mentioning our city’s World Champions did you? Sorry Cardinals fans!)

Oh and did I mention that you get another hour this weekend? A 25 hour Sunday!

Good luck..