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Breast Cancer Awareness at Babson

I’ve attended many social events throughout my time here at Babson. For the most part, all the events held on campus are usually free, except ofcorse for the very big ones like the Babson Dance Ensemble show. It goes without saying that my friends and I have been greatly spoilt by this ‘’free spirit” on campus and I could never imagine actually paying cash to attend an event on campus held by my peers. However, last weekend, things changed.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and like with many other awareness months, the Babson community is heavily invested in ensuring that the student body is kept very much in touch in with all that is going on around the world. This time the organization that stood up was Origins of Necessary Equality (O.N.E.). They had a weekend of events lined up, all meant to spread more awareness on campus. Cupcake making bars, free t-shirts and other fun activities were all over campus and the weekend culminated with an “All Pink Event” that required all attendees to wear pink in order to attend the event. All those not able to wear pink were required to donate $2 to a breast cancer charity at the door in order to get into the event. While a good amount of people attended the event in pink, the majority did not have pink on, but were more than willing to donate the money to the charity. The line at the door was impressively long with an estimated wait time of about 5-10 minutes. This was undoubtedly the first time I had seen students so willingly pay to attend a social event on campus and it undoubtedly showed the commitment Babson’s student body has to genuinely support good causes around the world. Congratulations to O.N.E.