Undergraduate Blog / Defining Your Babson


Basketball has always been something I’ve loved. I started playing at a young age which led to it becoming my favorite sport almost instantly. I played basketball through high school because all of my closest friends were on the varsity team and it allowed me to escape from stress. After high school, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to play basketball that often. I knew I didn’t want to play varsity or club due to the time commitment so I initially felt that I wouldn’t be able to play that much on campus. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Some of my best friends at Babson have been made while playing basketball. In fact, the guys I played with during my freshman year make up the majority of our intramural team this year.
Intramural basketball is nearing the playoffs. Our team is 4-1 and second in the league overall. There are three tiebreaker games tonight which will determine the seeding for the playoffs. Given that we are in second, we don’t have to play tonight; however, I am pretty sure that the playoffs will be much tougher once everyone faces a win or go home scenario.
The point that I am trying to get at is that you should not be worried about leaving something behind once you come to Babson. The community on campus fosters an environment that allows you to pursue your interests (even if they are not present on campus yet). Many students build relationships outside of the classroom through sports, extracurricular activities, and service events. This is what makes college special and allows you to build long lasting relationships.