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Unique Opportunities at Babson

Babson offers numerous opportunities to discover what you are interested in, starting in FME and continuing through your four years here. After taking foundation courses in a variety of disciplines, students are able to enroll in a variety of classes and really get to choose what piques their interest. One of the classes that is fairly popular among juniors and seniors is Management Consulting Field Experience (MCFE). This is a class unlike any other. There are no weekly meetings with a professor and the class is only four to six students. Students also work directly with a client, doing a consulting project for them. The clients range from the big four accounting firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers to small restaurants in Connecticut. Students can choose what company they are most interested in consulting for and the staff coordinator tries to match each team with the client that will be the best for the group. My team decided we would like to work for the local sports station New England Sports Network (NESN). We are doing market research for the company and trying to boost the ratings of their nightly sports news program, NESN Sports Today. We distributed a survey and analyzed results to help them use the right kind of digital content to reach their target audience. We will be implementing these results and hoping to see a rise in their ratings.

This kind of real world experience that students can take part in during their junior and senior year is just one example of how unique Babson is. When I go into interviews I will be able to talk about not only all of the work I did, but also about all of the great skills I learned. Communicating with a client in a professional manor is essential for any profession you are planning on going into. My analytic skills have also been honed through this class. I am so glad I decided to enroll in it and would highly recommend it to any student, even if you are not interested in becoming a consultant.