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156 Hours

This past Saturday, I attended the Undergraduate Award Ceremony. Some of my closest friends and classmates were recognized for outstanding academics and community involvement. Sophomore, Junior, and Senior students were all presented with different awards and scholarship. It was impressive to see the diverse range of activities students had contributed to in and out of the Babson community. Some students were honored for their significant efforts in a wide variety of community service projects. Others were awarded for their leadership skills. Babson is absolutely a community where students are involved in much more than just their studies. Every student I have met on this campus has found a club or hobby and really turned it into a passion. Here, we grow as leaders not just through academics learned in the classroom, but also from our involvement in and dedication to extracurricular activities.

Glavin Chapel, pictured above, is the beautiful venue where the Award Ceremony took place

Each recipient of an award was described as being incredibly strong in time-management skills. For that reason, these students were able to make the most of the 156 hours each week that they are not in the classroom. College is a place for learning. Babson students truly seize the opportunity to practice what they have learned and grow as leaders. In my opinion, this is really what makes the college such a special place and turns a campus into a community, or my home.