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I’ve Got this Idea . . . Now What?

A couple of weeks ago, we chatted about the vast universe of entrepreneurial careers, ranging from careers with skeletal start-ups to corporate behemoths.  To get the conversation started, I took a stab at carving out ten Entrepreneurial buckets to describe typical career paths that many entrepreneurs pursue.  The first bucket, considered by some pure entrepreneurship (although we know better!), is launching a new enterprise.

If this is something that has captured your attention, you are in the right place!  Did you know that Babson houses a venture accelerator right here on campus?  The Butler Venture Accelerator, located in the Blank Center, is open to all Babson students who are looking to start or advance an entrepreneurial endeavor.  The expertise at your fingertips is amazing – seasoned staff with a strong track record of advising successful startups, connections to Boston’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, a hub of global entrepreneurial research, and the opportunity for incubator workspace.

During a couple of career advising appointments over the past month, two or three of you have spoken to me about taking a business endeavor, or in some cases simply an idea, a

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bit more seriously.  The Butler Venture Accelerator is a great place to start.  In fact, this Thursday, October 17th, Butler and Professor Brad George are offering a Feasibility Workshop to help students explore the viability of business ideas.  In their words, “Before you think about how you will start your venture, you need to decide if you should start your venture.”  What a great opportunity to evaluate what, if any, next steps you want to take with your idea, or early stage business.

To learn more about what the Butler Venture Accelerator has to offer, visit their Google Calendar which lists events, deadlines, and office hours.