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Connecting with Employers – beyond campus and in the cloud

A common topic with employers and recruiters these days…  mostly around the lack thereof.   Now more than ever, recruiters and HR professionals have tighter budgets, and with tighter budgets often comes travel limitations.  Yet there is still the need to meet and hire top talent.  To continue seeking this talent, they must be creative, they must be tech savvy, and they must meet YOU, the talent, where you are most often:  In the cloud.

Recently, I have seen employers partner with each other and industry organizations to offer live streaming opportunities for students to not only HEAR from employers, but to INTERACT with them and have an opportunity to NETWORK – virtually.

  • Next week, in Las Vegas, LinkedIn will be hosting a recruiting conference, TalentConnect13, and they are streaming it live – what could have been a missed opportunity to hear from top employer CEOs, HR representatives, and recruiters on what is top of their minds, can now be captured and YOU can capitalize on it – be a stand out from your peers!
  • On 10/16, the National Retail Foundation will host a Virtual Career Fair with amazing retailers, including Starbucks, Macy’s, Crate&Barrel, Nordstrom’s, Modell’s Sporting Goods and many more… talk one on one with recruiters and learn about their Internship and Training Programs – from your computer!

These opportunities are making themselves available more and more and it is up to YOU, the top talent they are seeking, to meet these employers.  Sometimes, it won’t be on your college campus, but in the cloud.

So seek them out.  Register.  Add to your calendar.  Log in and say hello!  You might be very surprised as to what you learn, who you meet, how you can make an impact, and in the end, land yourself an opportunity.

Reach for the cloud!