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Wall Street Journal’s Start-Up Competition

One of the benefits of skipping my morning walk (and truly there aren’t many) is getting to flip through the WSJ before getting into my morning routine.  Of course, by the time I get to it, my early bird husband has already devoured it from front to back!  While I roll my eyes at his bright-eyed, morning energy (I am not a morning person), I’m glad that he’s already highlighted a few article that I would find interesting.  Here’s one I wanted to share with you.

This morning’s Journal featured an article mainly aimed at Company Recruiters and the need to shorten, polish and make job wsj start uppostings more attractive (even sassy!) to attract the right talent.  Given my new role as CCD’s Career Advisor in Entrepreneurial Careers — what caught my attention was the reference to The Muse — a finalist in the Journal’s start up business competition.  Check out the the competition here, and follow the competition on twitter and WSJSTOY blog!