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This is Retail

Blog post authored by CCD student blogger, Natalie Cullings, UG Class of 2014

Looking for a fulfilling career with a company that’s not only innovative, but gives back to and strengthens communities? If so, you might be overlooking a long-lasting career opportunity in a critical industry: retail.

The National Retail Federation launched thisisretail.org in 2013 to highlight the importance of the consumer products industry. 95% of retailers operate in just one location so whether you’re interested in a larger corporation or a smaller venture, there’s something in retail for you.

This Is Retail is a wealth of resources. From career road-maps to virtual career fairs and job postings, the site will meet you at any stage in your career search. If you don’t know where to start, see if your personality and skill set matches the requirements of the industry. The retail industry encompasses more career paths than you would ever imagine.