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CrunchU: The Online Academy for Techies

This post was written by Natalie Cullings, Class of 2014.

If the words coding, gamification, startup, design, or hacking mean something to you, then CrunchU, TechCrunch’s online learning academy, will definitely be of use to you. Don’t know much about the tech industry? Don’t worry–this online “university” is a great place to start. Modules are taught by respected experts in the field and you can develop skills that will significantly increase your value to an employer.

Here are just a few examples of the awesome classes you can take:

-Designing Gamification Level 1

-Become an iOS Developer from Scratch

-Programming for Non-Programmers: Fundamentals

-Creating Responsive Web Design

-How to Supercharge your Pitch in an Hour

Perhaps the best part of CrunchU is that these classes fit around your schedule. You can take them 24/7 and stop and resume at your will. However, scheduling a certain time in your schedule to devote to these classes per week will keep you on task. 

If your tech skills are already advanced, look for classes that will improve your weakest (or nonexistent skills). If you’re a beginner, developing specific tech skills can serve as the initial experience you need in order to land a relevant internship and really get your foot into the door of the industry.

 One more thing–CrunchU is free. What more could you want?