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Interview Season: Taking Advantage of your Resources

Although I have two years left in my Babson career, I am a planner, so I am already thinking about the next steps for life after Babson. The internship search is intensifying, and interviews are right around the corner. I am thrilled to get started and explore my options. Now that applications are submitted and interview decisions are happening, I am playing the waiting game. But while I wait there is so much I can do to make sure I’m ready.

I will be taking advantage of my professors. I will go into office hours and chat with my accounting professor because she knows exactly what accounting firms are looking for. She will hopefully share her insight from when she was a partner at an accounting firm. I also will be talking to my former organizational behavior professor because she has so much experience interviewing people and know the small behavioral things that will turn employers off.

Another great resource is the Center for Career Development. I can schedule an appointment to do a mock interview. When I arrive at the office, they will greet me as if I was interviewing with the company and we will do an entire interview, with questions that I will probably run into when I am doing a real interview. After it has concluded they will give me feedback on both things I need to work on and things that I do well.

There is one more resource that is very important, but a lot of people forget about. That is your friends! You are bound to know someone that has interned at the company you are interested in or even works there now. I will be connecting with my friends that have experience with the companies I am interviewing will, not just so I can have connections, but so I can get a feel for the company and if it will be a good fit for me.

The most important part of the internship and job search for me is finding a company that I will be excited and proud to work for. I plan on making this happen by taking advantage of the abundant resources Babson offers its students.