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Exploring this thing we call Entrepreneurship

Putting YOU at the core of an Entrepreneurial Career

As we head into October, I’m taking a few minutes to reflect upon the first stretch of this academic year.  The renewal of energy and enthusiasm that transpires each September is nothing short of remarkable; this year is no exception.  From those of you I am meeting for the first time to those who are returning from internships and rounding out your final year at Babson, your energy, passion, creativity, and commitment to driving social and economic value, leave me in awe.

You each embody these entrepreneurial qualities in your own unique way.  You share them with me at events and meetings, through career advising appointments, and through our casual interactions around campus and the greater community.  As I embark upon my new role as CCD’s Lead Career Advisor for Entrepreneurial Careers, I am struck by our conversations of late.  You are some of the most self-aware people I’ve ever encountered.  You have great insight into your unique personal drivers and are very intentional about making these the core of your career search, which is exactly where they belong.

Let’s Tackle this thing we call Entrepreneurship Together

As I undertake the exploration of “all things entrepreneurial” and meet with entrepreneurial experts at Babson and beyond (yes, that’s you!), I am both humbled by the enormity of the iceberg that lies beneath the surface, and exhilarated by the boundless opportunities in the field.  Just peruse Babson’s EAK and DEFINE sites to get a flavor.   I’ll admit it’s easy to get overwhelmed . . . and, yes, sometime a bit lost . . . at least for me.

eakSo, where do any of us start in exploring and launching an Entrepreneurial Career?  You will see here on my Entrepreneurship Career Path Page above (and for current Babson students on my HUB page as well), that I attempt to describe careers in Entrepreneurship by carving out ten Entrepreneurship Buckets (at least that’s what I call them!).  Are these the right buckets?  I don’t know – you tell me.  At a minimum, it is a way for us to get the conversation started.

In the coming weeks, I look forward to exploring these “buckets” with you.  I’ve had a ball getting my hands dirty in this field, and I invite you to join me.  Let’s start chatting.  Share your experiences, thoughts, information, and opinions around this thing we all call Entrepreneurship!