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The Babson Network

As a senior, I am at a pretty awesome stage in life. I’m honestly living the dream, but the thought of entering the real world has slowly crept into my mind. In a mere eight months, I will leave the traditional path followed by many people to enter a world that has no bounds. For twenty two years, young adults follow a formulaic route which tells them exactly what they need to do to succeed. Upon graduating college, there is no specific formula or path which will ensure success. Rather, we are all thrown into the fire to experience just how tough it is to define and achieve success.

I currently have classes, work, and extracurriculars to keep me busy, but searching for full-time jobs has consumed the majority of my time as of late. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of hearing Marc Cosentino, author of Case in Point, speak and walk us through two advanced case interviews. A key takeaway from his presentations was this: “the job search is more important than your classes.” He decided to put both on an equal level after becoming scared of some professors in the room, but this really resonated with me. My current commitments combined with the job search have made these first few weeks extremely demanding; however, one thing has kept me sane throughout the entire process and that is the Babson network.

The Babson network has been so valuable to me throughout my time here. During my junior year, I reached out to as many alumni as possible. I received a lot of advice and help during the internship search which helped me to ultimately land at GE Capital this past summer. Over the summer, I began to reach out to more alumni with the hopes that I would not only receive career advice, but form relationships that would help me to break into a position. I can’t say I’m surprised, but the help I’ve received has really alleviated some of the stress associated with the job search. I have received so much guidance, insight, and information in such a short period of time. More importantly, I have had the opportunity to build professional relationships with individuals who have helped me to define success and understand the route I need to take to realize that success. As deadlines begin to close and interviews quickly approach, I cannot wait to see how the Babson network will affect the first leg of my career.