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Event of the Weekend: AEPi 24 Hour BBQ

Thursday at 5 pm, the grills were lit and the most anticipated event of the semester began. For 24 hours, the brothers of Alpha Epsilon Pi (ΑΕΠ) manned the grill and served up nachos. About a week ago, the flyers started going up in popular places around campus like Trim Dining Hall, Reynolds Campus Center and Horn Library. The Facebook event was made and people were getting very excited for the event. The guys were busy grilling, but they were still cracking jokes with the hungry crowd. For a $10 donation to the organization Save a Child’s Heart, students can get unlimited BBQ for 24 hours, as well as access to the Express Lane, which is essential during the 12 am rush. Although this is my favorite, there are often events like this on campus. One of the sororities, Chi Omega, puts on “ChiHop” which is an all-night pancake bar with proceeds benefiting the Make a Wish Foundation. Babson students may be busy, but we also love to take a break and give back to our communities whenever we can. We even have a community service center on campus, the Bernon Center, which helps students connect with local organizations. Students, faculty, and staff combined to volunteer 27,500 hours of community service last year alone. Babson really allows students to pursue their passions, even when they have a heavy course load. We may be busy putting together presentations, but we still have the chance to give back to the community.