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Take your cover letter to the next level!

Thank you to those students that attended the cover letter writing workshop today.  It was great and you asked lots of good questions!  I wanted to share a few tips that will help you as you begin to write your cover letters for the first set of applications deadlines coming up.  Your cover letter should address the following questions: 1. Why are you interested in the industry & the company?  Make this specific about you!  What sparked your interest in the industry?  What is it about the industry that you are passionate about?  2. Why should this company hire you?  This is where you will want to share 2-3 Critical Success Factors that tie directly to you and the position.  Be careful that you do not repeat everything on your resume and also do not simply list everything that you did in your internship experience. Talk about what you learned and the skill set you have developed and make sure to connect this to an example.  It is important when you are writing this section that you are connecting your resume to the position.

An important tip is to have your cover letter reviewed by those in the industry and CCD!  Also, get the inside scoop and do your research.