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One More Thing

As my internship came to a close, I realized that I had amassed a good amount of contacts that I did not want to lose even after I had left the internship. My biggest problem was that for my time at Growth Africa Capital, I had made almost everyone believe that I was permanent employee, in a bid to have them take me more seriously than an “intern”. Palpably I later regretted this, but with the guidance of my supervisor she helped me undo my blunder.

She set up a meeting for me with all the major contacts I really wanted to keep and during the meeting explained my position and ensured a proper turnover of all the things I and the contact in question had been working on. The whole ‘turnover” process made me realize how keeping communication with contacts on exactly what you are doing is so important and it completely eradicates all form of awkwardness that could possibly come up as a result of just randomly falling off the map.