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Unexpected connections in learning experience

As I started my college experience at Babson I was convinced that I wanted to study marketing. As I continued learning and experimenting new things throughout the way, I discovered my interest on the operational side of business. Unfortunately, I had not been able to have an internship experience that involved me working with operations and supply chain management issues—they have all been marketing oriented. However, even though this last internship was in the Public Relations department at Chanel, I was able to apply several topics that I learned throughout many of my non-marketing related courses at Babson—this was very exciting! I was basically trafficking and keeping track of all the pieces that were part of the PR ‘inventory’ on a daily basis. I was able to seek for alternate ways of doing things in order to maximize the use of the inventory so that ultimately editors and publications could have access to extremely scarce pieces that were rarely available for them to shoot and include them in their magazine spreads, which ultimately would enhance Chanel’s image and would enable them to reach their target market. Through a very unexpected way, I was able to incorporate both Marketing and Operations into my working space.