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Shopify: More than Just a Platform

My supervisor had recently told me that we were updating our website in the coming months, so he wanted me to do some research in regards to e-commerce.  We use Shopify as our e-commerce platform, and interestingly enough Shopify has its own blog on how to better your e-commerce.  This is an incredible tool for all the budding entrepreneurs out there, and if I hadn’t taken away anything from this entire summer, this blog alone would be worth the internship.  There are hundreds of articles (I barely got through a fraction of them) on different ways to direct traffic towards your site, or minimize marketing costs, or even on the best website design for your customer.  I could certainly see why my supervisor wanted me to sift through all this information to find what was truly valuable to us.  Most of the things I found were in regards to a new website design, but the one article I found most compelling was how to utilize Pinterest.  This channel of social media has become rather popular in the past few years, and especially after my discoveries regarding customer reviews being trumped by the likes of Pinterest (see my previous blog posting), I was very intrigued as to how I as the businesswoman could wield its power to work in my favor.  Having a business account on Pinterest, which I had no idea was even possible, would be the first step to success.  Second, taking photographs that are more than your run of the mill image; people scroll through hundreds of photos each day, my picture needs to stand out.  And finally your website must include a Pin It button.  There are apparently more advanced forms of these buttons that will include your business information when someone’s pins the product image.  I guess you learn something new everyday.  RVN luckily has already fulfilled two out of three of these requirements; the photographs is what I think we needed to work on, but I’m not calling the shots here.  I gave my notes to my supervisor and can only hope it goes well from there.  But basically this blog on Shopify delves deep into the world of marketing and how to thrive in it, so anyone who wants anything to do with the field should certainly check it out.