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Always Make Sure You Are Learning – Private Equity Graduate Course

Hello Babson,

Last Monday, I concluded my first graduate course as a part of my internship, trophy and all! ACG University is the name of the program my company started in partnership with Fordham University Graduate School of Business Administration, in which, professionals interested in entering the private equity market took a “Private Equity Dealmaking in the Middle Market” course. This course was taught by a series of accomplished instructors who are the partners of private equity firms, CEO’s of consulting companies, directors of private banks etc… During this course, I was educated on the inner workings of a private equity firm from deal origination to its exit strategy.

The knowledge I acquired from this class was immeasurable since the instructors taught through the lens of experience. Collected anecdotes, inquisitive intelligent students, and intimate setting provided an atmosphere of peers. For the only intern in the class, noticeably the youngest, equality was imperative to improving my understanding of the material. It also provided a great networking opportunity. It was an amazing experience to be able to pick the brains of my peers and ask them about why they chose their career path and what excites them about what they do for a living. I was exposed to many different services and products within the industry I am focused on, which took the internship “try on” experience to a higher level. Furthermore, after acting as a student consultant for a venture capital (VC) firm in Boston, I thought VC was the right path for a budding professional with an inherent entrepreneurial spirit. After taking this private equity (PE) course, I have a clearer understanding of the differences between VC and PE and am able to better direct myself when choosing where to place the first footstep in my career path.

Lastly, from this experience, I realize how important it is to find a firm that is interested in investing in its employees and its clients. In a city filled with opportunity and a world full information, I am always eager to learn new things; therefore, going into my last year of my undergraduate college career, I feel at ease knowing that I now have a tested checklist to ensure that my career and/or company choice will not leave me in an occupation plagued by redundancy post-graduation. As entrepreneurs, it is our job to find those who are willing to invest in our success. Through the mentors I gained through this internship experience at ACG New York and Fordham, I am happy to say that I have already found some of those people and now know exactly what to look for.

Until next time,


Babson College ‘14