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The Spaceship and Spirituality in Coban

During the PAYG (Pay as you go) pilot launch, we were staying close to one of the company’s offices in Coban, Guatemala. This city, apart from being one of the biggest cities in the country, has a deep sense of beliefs and spirituality. As you were walking on the street, you would see countless churches of different religions concentrated in a Guatemalan city. These churches, if not closed, were full demonstrating the great devotion and faith people in Coban have towards their beliefs.

To further demonstrate the strong sense beliefs the people of Coban have, one would only have to go to where the town meets. In the central plaza or “Plaza Central” there is a big monument erected in the center of the plaza (Shown in the picture below). This monument is believed to be a UFO hub, in other words, aliens landed their spaceship there. This to me is very skeptical mainly because of the looks of the monument, it looks fairly new. Nevertheless, the faith people from Coban have towards their beliefs is something to be admired and sought for.

Rene and spaceship