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Leading a Tour with a Group of MBAs

Babson MBA Candidate Tour

Babson MBA candidates tour MassChallenge guided by undergraduate student Gabe Diaz-Barriga.

Yesterday, I helped deliver a tour of MassChallenge to a group of MBA candidates from Babson.  At the onset of the tour, I introduced myself as a Babson undergraduate student and a MassChallenge creative intern.   I also distributed copies of an article highlighting Babson affiliated MassChallenge finalists.  On our tour, my colleague and I described the organization’s efforts to become a globally recognized brand to an audience of culturally diverse students from a globally recognized institution.  While detailing the programming that MassChallenge delivers, I mentioned that many of the talks stressed the importance of aligning character and culture with the goals of the company.  I pointed out that my undergraduate education was embedding me with these ideas, positioning Babson on the frontier of business education.  At the conclusion of the tour when we took the above photograph, I explained to the group that “I am here on Babson’s dime.”  My being here was made possible by an award from Babson, that “I am here on Babson’s dime.”  The group was delighted to hear it.  The tour was a success and the Babson pride was palpable.