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Audits, Credits, Debits…oh my!

Happy Monday!

Successfully completed the third week and I’ve now made it to the half-way mark of my summer experience at Junior Achievement of New York!
Time is flying by this summer, to say the least.

JA New York is going pretty smooth. As I mentioned in my second blog post, our primary focus is the audit that will take place in September. In preparation for this audit, did you know that auditors provide their clients with a check-list?

This list, a per the name of course, is provided to the clients to ensure that they have all the necessary documentation completed and are fully prepared for the 3-week audit process.

My supervisor shared this document with me on Thursday. Guess how many items are on this list. 10, 15, 20? Not at all! There are 49 things that the Finance and Administration team must complete in preparation for the audit. That includes me, folks! Wish me luck.

Also, I found myself having to visit my alma mater, the High School of Economics & Finance to obtain a copy of my old accounting text book from Junior Year. It appears I have to freshen up my knowledge in the world of Debits and Credits! I wish banks had the same system as accounting – then, maybe I’d still be more proficient in this area.

Quick accounting 101 update – assets are debited for positive transactions and credited for negative!  Don’t forget, Shatiek. Don’t forget!

In other news, I recently attended a non-linear career path panel, which I found interesting. I also had a chance to visit Madison Square Entertainment to participate in a talk with current President, Melissa Ormond. A phenomenal woman who gave great advice – one that I most appreciate was “stay the course and remain true to your values.”

Enough about me: A Posse Scholar from the Bronx, NY and Resident Assistant, Monica Escanio, Monicais a rising sophomore  and she just completed her first corporate internship. She spent 7-weeks at PwC in the Internal Firm Services area. Her team won first place in PwC’s second annual START Internship Consulting ProjectPlease join me in wishing Monica huge congratulations!

I’m also excited to be meeting members of the Class of 2017 this Wednesday at the New York Summer Send-Off.

Until next time!