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First Project (Re-Written)


Right from the start, my supervisor made it clear that our main goal for the summer was to properly establish our brand and in doing so gain as much exposure as possible for the start-up clothing brand RVN NYC. My first task as a marketing intern for the brand was to promote the recent launch of the online store. I was assigned a promo code and given a flier to promote via social media, which you can see attached. I was doing everything I could to get people’s attention; I even researched peak times that users were on various social media sites and tried posting during these times. I decided to take this opportunity to be a little creative with the advertising as well. Beyonce had been seen and photographed wearing RVN leggings at Superbowl this past year, so I took that image and decided to create a flier of my own. This new flier can also be seen in this blog posting. A new song by the popular rapper, Drake, had been released this past spring titled “Girls Love Beyonce,” which I thought to be the perfect caption to my new flier. This advertising promotion only lasted two weeks, but I enjoyed this project because I could take the tools given to me and twist it into something of my own. I had flexibility with this project in terms of the distribution of advertising and of course the advertisement itself.