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My Internship and My Career

Choosing a Career path shouldn’t be a one in a million shot. My Internsnhip and My Career with Babson College Undergraduate SchoolI came to Babson thinking I was certain I wanted to be in marketing, but I was not certain I chose the right option. I have always enjoyed being challenged to use my creativity, so I figured marketing would be a great fit. As I completed FME, I enjoyed being the VP of marketing. However, doing so made me uncertain if marketing was the right concentration for me. Despite this fact, I ended up with an internship focused on marketing. What I did not realize is how many different varieties and facets there are within a marketing career. In fact, I may have found the marketing facet for me.

My internship is focused on entirely internet and media based marketing. As a part of the generation that exploded with the internet and mobile technologies, I have found it extremely interesting to see the behind the curtain work of companies trying to reach their audiences in these forums. I have always said I wanted a career that is constantly changing and challenging me to think harder and differently. The internet and other media forums are altering every day. Even within the two month time frame of my internship, Facebook added hashtags. This was a seemingly small change to most users which affected the entirety of our Facebook advertising strategies and optimization for our clients. The internet and social marketing is becoming an extremely powerful tool for companies who want to have the edge on competitors. Soon enough, it will be a necessary step for any company who wants to make it. I find it exciting to think that if I choose a career path similar to this, I could help companies keep up and get ahead. As someone who also has an interest in entrepreneurship and beginning my own company, I feel that I have also gained important insight in how to utilize these tools for a start-up. Small companies can benefit hugely by gaining a strong online presence. I am certain that anywhere I go the knowledge I have gained will be a valuable asset to me.