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Tours, Essays and Popsicles

You know when coming back from vacation is a great thing? When it’s over 100 degrees outside, and your building has sweet sweet air conditioning and a freezer full of popsicles.

If you happen to be on a college tour this week, be really nice to your tour guides-ours have have been cheerfully walking backwards under some pretty challenging conditions-often multiple times a day.  You can see here, they barely break a sweat. They are rock stars.

Jake and Caitlin on a color coordinated tour (notice the snazzy water bottle!)

Jake and Caitlin on a color coordinated tour (notice the snazzy water bottle!)

In the meantime, this seems to be the week of  schools posting their essay topics (Google College Essay topics 2013-2014) and we at Babson are no different. This year we changed our essay prompt, thanks to suggestions via Facebook from the incoming first year class. Here it is:

One way Babson defines itself is through the notion of creating great economic and social value everywhere. How do you define yourself and what is it about Babson that excites you?

You can answer this question using the traditional essay format, OR submit a 1 minute You Tube video (just include the URL in the essay section of the supplement. If you decide to make it a private link, be sure to give us access!).

Whichever path you take, this question is designed to get to know you as a person, as a student and as a future classmate. Who are you? What makes you happy? What are your quirks? Why Babson? (this is important-there are many schools out there-make sure that your answer is not so broad that it can apply to hundreds of schools-I call these horoscope essays) This information helps us connect with you, so that we can picture you on our campus full of eclectic, fun, engaged people that you hopefully saw when you visited. A transcript only goes so far in telling your story-the  rest we want to hear directly from you.

So, while college essays are never easy, we love them, because they make this process a human one. So, as soon as you think “If the Admission Office knew me, they would definitely want me at Babson,” you’re ready to tackle the essay.  Show us why we want you at Babson.

In the meantime, have an extra popsicle today.