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Kiva Project

Quetsol, the company I am interning with, is looking to become a non-MFI partner with Kiva. Kiva is a non profit institution that allows individuals to lend money, whether it is to micro finance institutions or for-profit and non-profit organizations around the world that have a social impact. The Kiva program is ideal for lives of poor and low income households given that that receive a loan to be paid with no interest. Through the help of Kiva, poor and low income households are able to have a significant injection of money to boost their businesses and improve their standard of living.

Quetsol looks to partner with Kiva in order to light more households in the off-grid communities in Guatemala. With the loan, people in these communities will be able to have a solar energy system that lights their household. It is interesting for me to work on a project like this as it not only gives me a clearer image of the current situation of people in Guatemala, but also raises my awareness of the situation of people in need around the globe through the other Kiva partners.

Kiva is a great webpage to follow as people from all around the globe can support projects in a developing community. The loans, starting from $25, are risk-free since Kiva absorbs any borrowers losses that might occur. I highly recommend for people to participate in Kiva, since its a risk-free way of helping people in need anywhere you are.