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Remember Me?

OK, so I fully acknowledge that I have fallen off the blogging wagon since my last post. This did not go unnoticed by certain members of my staff and the greater Babson community. I could make excuses about being busy, I don’t know, assembling a class, or mention that we have a whole team of talented bloggers, so I am not at all missed, or maybe just point out that Mad Men has been really good this season, but I’ll own this one-I’ve been a TERRIBLE blogger.

But like my first blog mentions, I’m a big fan of goals and resolutions, so now that summer is here and the campus is quiet without the students around I’ll be better. Also, Tommaso just moved his office upstairs so it will be harder to avoid his quiet wrath.

It occurs to me, as I try to work blogging into my busy daily routine, many of you are in a similar situation as you begin to look at colleges and prepare to apply in the fall. As the school year ends and summer brings beach days and cool summer jobs that may be monotonous at times but definitely don’t include homework, it’s hard to wrap your head around (sigh) research.  The good news is that there are easy ways to start looking at colleges without having to leave your computer, tablet or smartphone. If you’re reading this, I assume you’ve seen the Babson website. From there it’s an easy jump to our *new* Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, not to mention a virtual tour. Each of these options can help you get the vibe of a school and it’s community, not to mention help you learn more about the application process.

I will try and blog once a week this summer, that is when I’m not on vacation (I need to rest up to get ready to recruit the Class of 2018).  Call me out if I fall behind again!

In the meantime, what about your summer goals? How will you tackle your college search during your break? Are you planning a visit anywhere? Babson perhaps? If so, tweet a picture of your visit and/or post it on Facebook. I promise you’ll get a quick retweet or response!