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Christine Signs Off

CK Point

“Christine Kenyon will see you now.” That’s what I half-expected to hear just before Asa and I went in to speak with Christine; she’s a busy lady these days. The last few weeks have been a transition for Christine, or “CK,” as we often call her.  After five glorious years at Babson College, she is moving to North Carolina with her husband for what is sure to be great weather and even better barbecue. As we transition to an office without Christine, it is easy to see her fingerprints on quite a bit around the office; from Florida to Texas, to scholarships, to diversity on campus, transfer students, and our January G.A.P. Thus, as her time nears a close, she has been hosting a lot of visitors to say “see you later.”

After reading our hard-hitting piece on Tommaso Canetta, Christine mentioned that she was a bit nervous about this interview and the ensuing blog.  However, any nervousness was quickly eased as we started to cover a few of her favorite topics: Babson, music, and food. Asked how she was feeling about wrapping things up, Christine leaned backed, allowed her eyes to drift up slightly, and responded: “Nostalgic. This new chapter is a bit bitter sweet because I have very much enjoyed my time at Babson, but I am excited about these new opportunities (Christine’s husband will be attending graduate school).”

Since our office heard this news, we have seen a constant stream of students making their way into Christine’s office, with some meetings endings in tears on both sides. This is a true testament to Christine’s work in admission; she has gotten to know students early on in the college search process, worked with them in coming to Babson, and has continued to work with them throughout their college career. In a way, it is fitting that she leaves now as our first Enrico Scholars from the Dallas, TX area wrap up their four years at Babson. In a way, they will all graduate from Babson together.

Additionally, any students who came to Babson College as transfer students, part of January G.A.P., or any Diversity Leadership Scholarship, most likely worked with Christine at some point. Hailing from Miami, FL, diversity is a topic that has always piqued Christine’s interest. Not only has Babson been a great fit for that interest, but our campus has really benefited from all of Christine’s hard work.

Now, obviously, we couldn’t let this entire interview go without people getting to know CK a little more behind the scenes, could we?  Nope.

Everyone has one. What’s your musical guilty pleasure?
La Roux – Bulletproof. Anytime you hear it, you just have to dance.”

Do you have a favorite band or CD?
“I’m more of a Pandora fan since you can find anything you’re in the mood for. Paul Simon and The Lumineers make lovely playlists.”

A little known secret is that you were in the Dance Company during your college years. Do you have a favorite dance and songs to dance to?
Gangnam Style is SO much fun to watch. I’m a fan of dancing to anything by Beyonce or any of the Top 40. The modern stuff.”

How about a favorite movie?
After pondering, she came up with a few: “Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I’ll start watching that anytime it’s on television (ironic because everyone thinks Christine sounds just like Mila Kunis in this scene). Any sort of a movie with a law twist to it, like Runaway Bride Jury, and any type of movie where there is a threat of the world ending, like Independence Day, Outbreak, or alien movies. Just not the movie Alien, that was just too scary.”

Any TV shows you love to tune in to?
Castle, it’s so fun! Also, How I Met Your Mother, and recently, The Mindy Project. I really like reality TV too…Keeping Up with the Kardashians, anything that takes place in Miami, just to see if I know the locations, and certain seasons of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. You should definitely watch Ashley’s season if you’re going to watch one.”

As far as food goes, you have been known to venture off campus for some shady lunches (note: shady lunches are actually not shady at all; we just use that term whenever a staff member doesn’t have lunch with us), what are some of your favorite spots in the area?
“Anna’s Taqueria, Café Mongal, The Cottage (a staff favorite), Burritos from Whole Foods, and Volante Farms (really good Nutella whoopee pies).”

Any fun fact that everyone should know about you?
“I’m a big fan of Zumba (co-founder is a Babson College graduate!); best invention ever.  Every time I finish I could go for an empanada.  Also, I really want to swim with dolphins, I’ve been looking for a Groupon.”

Your phone has been ringing off the hook, any parting words before we let you do actual work?
“I hope someone waters my plants.”

Well, there you have it. Not only does Christine care about higher education, diversity, the fine arts (The Kardashians), and fine dining, but botany and the environment. With that, her phone rang again, but this was a call she really had to take.

CK…thanks for all of your hard work and the legacy you will leave here in our office and in the Babson community.  Thanks for the best fantasy football team name in recent memory (“Laces Out, Dan – inspired by the outstanding 1994 movie, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective), and best of luck in North Carolina.  If anyone sees a Groupon for a chance to swim with dolphins, please let her know.

P.S. We’ll water your plants.