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I’m Helping Entrepreneurs Win

Given that this is my first post, I feel that it’s appropriate to tell you about me.  I am a rising sophomore, the president-elect of the Babson Outdoor Association, a Student Government senator for the class of 2016, an avid rock climber, a self-trained graphic designer, and an aspiring photographer.

Through the support of the Center for Career Development, I am working with MassChallenge for the summer.  MassChallenge is the largest-ever startup accelerator and competition in the world.  128 startups compete for millions in cash prizes and in-kind support.  These finalists are awarded free office space in the Innovation District, matched with industry specific mentors, exposed to influential thought-leaders, maintain full ownership of their companies, and tap into Boston’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

My part in the non-profit’s campaign to help entrepreneurs win is as a graphic designer.  Though I am only a few weeks in, I already feel like an essential part of the team.  Like many young startups, MassChallenge has limited resources and cannot always make design a priority.  The resulting demand for my work is high and stacking taller.  Its as if my plate were full and I’m being offered extra helpings.  Fortunately, my stomach is still growling.

This series will cover my design projects and lessons learned, it will draw parallels between the classroom and the real world, and it will document my exploration of Boston.