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What I learned/Wish I knew my Freshmen Year

So I have been home for a little over a week, and during this week it gave me a lot of time to think about the past year. Some things I thought about were things I learned/wished I knew coming into my freshmen year at Babson. Since summer is upon us, and many incoming freshmen are starting to think about college, I figured telling you all what I learned/wish I knew would be a great way to prepare you for the first year at Babson.

  1. DO NOT PROCRASTANTE STUDYING! I did it and I survived (And did pretty well in all my classes I might add) but last week was NOT FUN and uber stressful.


  1. Don’t procrastinate on papers or projects either. I think this one is pretty self-explanatory… However no matter how many times I personally hear it I still don’t learn so I figured I’d throw it in. Yes I have done an all nighter. No I don’t recommend it. Start your 12 page research paper before the night before and don’t change your thesis at 4 am.


  1. Bring an iron/ironing board to school. I did not have one until half way through my second semester and I wish I had it sooner.  You WILL dress up in business attire at least once a month and it is probably best not to have wrinkled clothes. It is also nice not having wrinkled normal clothes too.


  1. Coffee or some form of caffeinated beverage will become your best friend. Now anyone I was friends with in high school would be shocked by this next statement but things have changed . o I wasn’t a big coffee fan in high school (just the smell would actually make me sick) but not I can barely go a day without a cup (or two or three). I tried to get a decent amount of sleep every night, but let’s face it, I was not getting enough sleep. Coffee and adrenaline is what got me through my freshmen year.


  1. Be nice to your professors and try not to get on their bad side. I do not think I had any professors who did not like me, but who knows. In college there is a lot less things being graded then in high school so grades can be a little more subjective. It a professor likes you or knows you are trying hard they might bump your grade a little higher if it is between two options. Always say hi to your professors and DO NOT anger your professors in any way. (Your GPA will be glad you did)


  1. Organization is key. I lived in a pretty small room first semester and because of that I got really good at finding a place to put things. When I was moving out people were shocked how much stuff I actually had based off of my space. Being organized was how it all fit.


So there is obviously a lot more advice out there but this is just some fun things that I know I have learned/wish I knew during my freshmen year.

To all you incoming freshmen good luck on your last couple of weeks of senior year. Enjoy it! It goes by fast. Before you know it, you’ll be in the same position as me. Back home after your first year of college! I hope this helps with the transition into moving to Babson, after all these are things I wish I knew before now! You are coming into your freshmen year much wiser then me!


Have a great summer!