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First Year in the Books: Tips for Class of 2017

My first year at Babson is complete! Overall it was a great year, and having just experienced it, I want to leave some tips for incoming freshman to help make their experience even better!


1)      Connect with People: Babson has one of the most diverse mixes of students of all colleges in the U.S. There are some amazing people to connect with—students, faculty, and campus guests who can help to enhance your experience.

2)      Get Involved: Find a couple things you are really passionate about and get involved in them. Continuing cross country and track in college was one of the best decisions for my first year.

3)      Utilize the Resources: There are many resources available on campus that sometimes students fail to take advantage. Resources such as career development, academic planning, writing assistance, tutoring, media and design help, and more are just waiting for you to stop in!

4)      Explore: Explore the campus and explore the local area. Despite the small campus, there are often new things to check out, many people don’t know about the Babson garden or art rooms on campus. Take the free shuttle from campus into Boston and explore opportunities there!

5)      Be Adventurous/Take Risks: Entrepreneurs often take risks. Babson offers a safe environment to take risks and challenge yourself. Be adventurous and try something new. I know several students who never danced before joining the Dance Ensemble at Babson and loved it.

6)      Get Uncomfortable: College is a great opportunity to step outside your comfort zone. Reach out and meet new people. Change your routine. Doing something uncomfortable may not feel great at the time, but later you’ll realize a lot can be gained from the experience.

7)      Connect with Faculty: Babson has many incredible faculty numbers with great life experience. Find one or two that you connect with and build that network. You can gain some great insight and support throughout your time at Babson.

8)      Make a Difference: Make a difference for someone else, at Babson or in the local community. There are many volunteer opportunities available or you can start something new to create positive change. Find something you are passionate about and build on the resources and people at Babson to make it happen.

9)      Manage Your Time: One of the biggest challenges that comes with new freedom for first year students is time management. If you plan ahead and effectively utilize your time, you’ll better able to complete everything you need to get done and have more free time.

10)   Have Fun: You work hard at Babson, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. Remember to take breaks and live a balanced life, it will pay off in the long run!

Best of luck! Feel free to reach out with any questions.