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It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

This weekend I checked off one of the items on my bucket list: RUN A HALF MARATHON!

Half Marathon

Providence Half Marathon

It was truly one of the most inspiring events I’ve ever been apart of – 13.1 long miles (and it’s that .1 that really kicks your butt!). Beginning with my pre-race anxiety standing amongst hundreds of people, to the agony which were miles 10-12, ending with the jubilation of crossing that finish line – it was a day flooded with emotion.

And then I got to thinking how the college admission process is a race all in itself. Last month as Grant Gosselin, Vice President of Enrollment & Dean of Admissions, greeted the Class of 2017 at Basically Babson Day, he used this very analogy – the marathon and the college journey have incredible parallels. For all of the high school juniors out there, tune in, because the last leg of your college journey, of your marathon, is about to begin.


As junior year ends and senior year quickly (and excitedly!) approaches, don’t forget about all of your training thus far. The past 17 years of your life have all been building up to college, just like a runner’s training schedule builds up to a marathon. You’ve challenged yourself in the classroom, you’ve built partnerships within your community, you’ve gotten involved, perhaps you’ve begun your college research, maybe even interviewed and then comes applying.

Before you know it, the starting gun will go off and you will embark upon senior year and whether you like it or not, the process will begin unfolding before you. While you can’t necessarily see the finish line, you know it’s there and you know you’re on your way. You’ve accomplished an enormous feat so far, don’t quit now! There will be heartbreaking hills to come, but valleys of happiness and success to follow. The race isn’t over quite yet.

But when you do see that finish line in sight, don’t just dart straight ahead, take a few moments to enjoy the ride. As you go down the final stretch, look around you and make sure to thank all of your spectators cheering you on and reveling in your success. They are the ones who have provided you with the opportunities and resources to put you in this position for continued success.

When you reach the final straightaway, we hope it’s Babson you see waiting for you at the finish line, but regardless, you will have an amazing journey and we look forward to spending it with you. So here’s to the race of the college admission process, here’s to the marathon, not the sprint – here’s to you –  The Class of 2018. Let the final leg of the race begin!