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Good Luck Class of 2013!

Dear Class of 2013,

I am always struck that we mark college graduations with a ceremony called Commencement.  At a time when it feels like so many things are ending, it is a wonderful way to remember that so much is beginning. Commencement is your chance for a fresh start, a new opportunity to make a first impression, to choose the what, how and who you will be.

So be intentional!

This chance does not come around often. Before you start that first job, or embark on your job search, think about the person you want to be. Who are you as a candidate? As an employee? As a graduate, what do you plan to bring with you into the world to drive growth and change? 

Plan your first 100 post-grad days. Set goals for Day 1, Week 1, Month 1. Be clear in your objectives and what you hope to achieve.

Most important, as you prepare for your new beginnings, remember that you are collecting resources along the way. Babson is now, and will forever be, your alma mater. You have lifelong support here in more ways than you can imagine.

CCD is here to support your transition today and in the future. Career Advisers are a link for you to fellow alumni, employer partners, industry trends and current resources. Career Connections will continue to be a go-to place to shop job opportunities through the alumni posting section. We hope once you begin your careers you will engage with the great Corporate Affinity Groups offered through our Alumni and Friends Network and continue building your personal brand and network.

Above all else enjoy this special time to celebrate with family and friends. I have enjoyed getting to know so many of you in your time here on campus and I look forward to following your careers and your great life accomplishments. I know you will continue to make Babson proud!

Best of luck!