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Things I’m Excited About

It’s finally getting warm out here and I’m so overwhelmingly happy it’s sort of unreal.
And with the warm weather comes a bunch of stuff I’m getting excited for.
Here’s my list:

Students come out from the woodworks!  Now that’s its finally started heating up here, students are starting to leave their rooms to get some sun and fresh air. People are lounging around outside, playing music, doing homework  or tossing a football just about everyday of the week. I really just love seeing people do this. Granted, I do them a favor by not participating in their athletic endeavors but something about seeing people chilling out in the sun and relaxing with some good music is just such a picturesque college scene and I love everything about it! As I’m typing, I can actually see some of my neighbors outside doing exactly this right outside my window. Except I live on the ground floor…hopefully they don’t see me because that’d be creepy….I’m gonna stop looking at them, just in case.
PATRIOTS DAY/ MARATHON MONDAY!!! This monday is Marathon Monday and I can’t wait! I’ve been watching the Boston Marathon for almost 10 years because my dad runs it every year. But the past 2 years have been extra fun because I walk down to Wellesley with a huge group of friends and watch him run by at the halfway point (instead of at the end like my mom and brother do). My friends and I scream our heads off when we see him and it makes him really happy to see us all. He’s cute like that. We usually sit around and watch people run by and laugh at some of the ridiculous costumes these runners go by in. Hopefully, the weather on Monday will be nice because after watching the marathon for a bit we all come back to Babson and just stay out in the sun and enjoy our day off.
Spring Concert! I already told you in my Mr. and Mrs. Babson blog about how excited I was for Spring Concert but now that it’s almost here I’m EVEN MORE EXCITED. Also embarrassingly unreal how excited I am for that….but it’s going to be so much funnnn!
Chi Hop! My sorority’s semi annual 14 hour pancake drive is coming up and I cannot wait to shove my face with pancakes and spend some quality time with my sisters while serving up pancakes to all of campus- students, faculty and our loyalest customers-Public Safety!
and last but not least BASICALLY BABSON DAY IS THIS FRIDAY!!!!! The moment we’ve been working towards all year! Admissions has definitely been a mad house recently, but it’s all in preparation for our lovely admitted students. We are so excited to have everyone on campus and it’s going to be a fun and busy day for all. It’s a great way to connect with some of your future classmates, current students and learn more about what life at Babson can be like for you! I can’t wait to see you all there!

So here’s to Spring and warm weather!! (let’s hope I don’t jinx anything….)