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Spring Has Sprung: Preview Day


Preview Day

Campus was busy on Good Friday as many prospective students gathered on the Babson College campus for the first Spring Preview Day of the year. It was a beautiful day as families eagerly gathered to start their visit in the Sorenson Theater. Dean Gosselin gave a warm welcome to the over 300 people in attendance, and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to speak to the visitors about the Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship (FME) course which is part of the first year experience at Babson. I was joined by two teammates, Chris LoGrippo (Chief Operating Officer) and Katya Bilonog (VP of Human Resources), and we spoke about our experience as first year students starting and running our FME business.

Presenting to the audience and answering questions was a great experience. I enjoyed seeing so many eager and aspiring students who could definitely make contributions to Babson! The engagement of the audience was great as there were some insightful questions about areas like obstacles in the business and challenges faced, as well as families asking follow-up questions after the presentation. I remember being in the shoes of these students watching the FME presentations a year ago, and it was amazing to be on the other side this year! Best of luck to these prospective students and I look forward to talking with more students at Basically Babson Day!