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FME ’13 Spotlight: BedShelf

The Product

The Product

About The Product

BedShelf is a product based company that provides an innovative way to bring the utility of a nightstand to college dorm rooms. This revolutionary shelf attaches to any bed post, round or square, no matter the size, providing easy access to your most essential items while in bed. Recommended especially for lofted beds, you’ll never know how you lived without it!

 Installation and Adjustability

The easy to use, durable clamp design allows for a quick installation and quick removal if you want to just move or adjust the shelf. The brackets are made of durable material that can hold items such as phones and iPods, beverages, glasses, reading book and more.

Bedshelf holds all of your essentials!

Bedshelf holds all of your essentials!

Convenience, Accessibility, Comfort

Made especially for lofted dorm beds, the BedShelf gives you the ability to keep all of your essentials at your bedside, eliminating the need to climb out of bed as often. Place your beverages, phones and other essentials on the shelf in a convenient and accessible spot and you probably won’t want to leave the comfort of your bed again.



“I am so thrilled about my BedShelf! It fits perfectly on my bed post and holds all of my items near to me when I sleep! Thank you BedShelf for providing me with the comfort of a nightstand!”                                – Babson Student


Charity Partner

Wellesley Council on Aging. Their mission is to serve as a supportive family resource as emerging needs of Wellesley residents become more complex; and to advocate for and provide, in a cost-effective manner, a safe, congenial environment where seniors may participate in social, educational, and cultural programs reflective of their needs.  The BedShelf team is working with elderly citizens, and teaching them how to become more affluent with technology, such as computers as well as being able to navigate software programs like Microsoft Office better.

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