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What Babson Students Do During Spring Break !

Hello all,

I am currently on my spring break at Babson and I felt like I should talk about the many things that you can do during these precious few days. Spring break is a great opportunity to catch up on work or get ahead on work for the weeks following spring break.  If you’re like me and had midterms just before the start of spring break you may want to sleep in and relax with your family for a few days. However, when I think about all of my friends and the activities they’ve participated in during their spring break it’s more than the average couch potato activity. I have friends who traveled to various countries s around the world , mostly tropical. I have friends who just stayed on Babson’s campus and  relaxed. I have friends who have volunteered with Habitat For Humanity or a local organization. Some people even had internships or have done job shadowing. My point is that, spring break is not just a time for college students to party and socialize. It’s a time for people to get involved in their local community or future careers or  just relax at home with family and friends. I’m not telling you what to do with your spring break , but just know there is alot you can do.



(p.s although I’m having fun at home  I really miss my friends at Babson ; I’ll be back soon 😛 )