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As a senior in college, I felt like I knew many things, but one thing I didn’t know was what exactly I was going to do after graduation. Although most of you reading this are dealing with a different type of conundrum (a.k.a. Where do I want to go to college?) believe me it is just as overwhelming and quite similar! I was involved with the Office of Admission all four years as an undergraduate student at my alma mater, but had never seriously considered Admission a career path until my plans for what I “thought” would be my career fell through.

One of the most influential events I attended as a college senior struggling (as Taylor Swift puts it) to find “A Place in This World” was the Career Colloquium sponsored by The New England Association for College Admission Counseling (NEACAC). The program includes a panel of Admission Counselors, along with Secondary School Counselors from a variety of backgrounds, on-site résumé review from a team of experienced professionals in the field and overall, the program is designed to educate participants on:

Our very own Courtney Minden sharing her story with the audience

Our very own Courtney Minden sharing her story with the audience

  • The college counseling profession


  • Graduate school opportunities


  • How to begin and manage your search


  • The types of jobs out there


  • How to market yourself in today’s economy


This year, Babson was fortunate enough to host the 10th Annual Career Colloquium. The night was a great success, with participants from all over New England in attendance, who listened to a panel of professionals which included:

Resume Reviewers hard at work

Resume Reviewers hard at work

  • Public Secondary School Perspective: Caroline Higgins, Guidance Counselor (Westwood High School)


  • College Admission Perspective: Courtney Minden, Director of Admission (Babson College)


  • Private Secondary Perspective: Mo Zelaya, Associate Director of College Counseling (Buckingham Browne & Nichols School)


  • Making the Transition: Jeffrey Portu: Assistant Director of Admission (Northeastern University)


What’s the moral of the story? Explore – Connect – Discover. Be open to change. Just because Plan A doesn’t work out, doesn’t mean your world is turned upside down. It may feel that way temporarily, but as a college student, you will probably change your major/concentration multiple times before figuring out what it is you truly want to dedicate your life to. Even after college, your career path could alter as well and for many people it does. Keep your eyes open, your ears peeled and listen to your heart. You could already have multiple passions or interests that you don’t even realize could be a rewarding path to pursue professionally.

As we say at Babson, DEFINE YOU. If you are an accepted student, or perhaps a high school junior just beginning the college search process, I encourage you to take a deeper look at the person you hope to be, what you are hoping to get out of your education and where you envision yourself later in life and then go from there. Of course we hope this process leads you to Babson, because we believe that Babson is a place where you can define your future. But more important than that, it’s where you can define YOU. Because, ultimately it’s you who wants to make an impact. And, it’s Babson that prepares you to make an impact in your own way.define-you-header