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Tweet it, Tommaso!


Tweet it, Tommaso!  A familiar phrase in our office.  It doesn’t really matter what we’re talking about, but if we think something should be shared with the public or saved for posterity that’s what we yell at him to do.  However, as some students have asked us, who actually manages our social media efforts?  Well, that man, Tommaso Canetta, a man of mystery, is a tough one to crack.  With that challenge in mind, Asa Cary, the Creative Director of the new Babson College Class of 2017 video, and I sat down with our social media maven in an attempt to share his true personality with the world.

We sat waiting patiently for Tommaso’s return to his office, but when you ask for an audience with a social media kingpin, the Mayor of the Mid Atlantic, you don’t count the minutes.  Upon entering his office, Tommaso seemed somewhat confused by our presence, quickly returning behind his desk and wrapping up a few last minute tasks.  While things were done for now, the internet never sleeps; so even downtime would never be completely his own.  Noting that he already wasn’t comfortable being interviewed, Tommaso reluctantly joined us at his coffee table. This is the life of a star. With the recent release of his highly anticipated welcome video for the Babson College Class of 2017, Tommaso has been riding on a wave of success that we only hope to see continue.

Who is the man behind the Babson Admission Facebook page, tweets, and Instagram photos?

1. What kind of effect do you hope to have when using social media?
He scratched his head and said, “I hope to provide a way for prospective students to engage with the Undergraduate Admission staff and the Babson community.”

2. Do you ever consider using your powers for the forces of evil?
He playfully laughed and said, “No.” However the spark in his eye told a different story, perhaps one we will never know until it’s too late.

3. When you’re tweeting, what comes first, the message or the hashtag?
Amused he responded, “Definitely the message most of the time, but occasionally I’ll have an idea for a great hashtag and try to work the message around it.”

4. Favorite tweet or favorite topic to tweet about?
“Retweeting admitted students after the acceptances go out.”

5. Favorite responses?
“Someone tweeted that her mother made her pancakes with the green letter B for Babson.  We also found that another applicant submitted a photo of a Babson themed ginger bread house around the holidays.”

6. What’s in your top drawer?
He quickly inquired, “Of my desk?” We all laughed.  After consideration he said, “Lots of sharpies, an iPhone charger, and… business cards.” The essentials; he’s like the Bear Grylls of desk drawers.

7. Since you speak fluent Italian, what’s your favorite Italian phrase?
“Maybe that would work if we were filming a video, but I don’t trust you guys to get it grammatically correct.”

 Ouch.  Also, he did not say this in Italian.

8. OK, so when did your interest in meteorology start?
“As a kid, I was always interested in the weather; mostly looking to see if we would have a snow day.  So I would check Weather Channel to get an idea of what was going on.”

In our office, we have the Canetta 5 Day, so I don’t even check the weather online, I just ask Tommaso.

9. Speaking of weather, how many bets have you lost?
Inspired by a key source (our Director, Courtney Minden), “Only two bets officially; fantasy football was more of just a loss (he drafted Adrian Peterson one year too early).” The weather bet was a very personal loss, as several weeks ago, he incorrectly foretasted that two members of our staff would never make their planned business trip to Dallas due to the snow storm.  He was wrong and had to pay up with a burrito from Boloco and a chunk taken out of his pride.

10. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?
“Twitter right now.  While I don’t tweet personally, it allows me to follow news outlets, friends, and celebrities. Facebook is becoming…” he faded off (Note from James – he wanted to say students use Facebook less because old people like me are on there).

11. Growing up in Connecticut, Red Sox or Yankees?
Red Sox all the way. Celtics, Bruins, Patriots, the whole nine. I think I made the right choice

12. Most played song on your iPod?
He contemplated momentarily, and then asked “Ever or recent history?  My most played Pandora station would be Mumford & Sons. I saw them in concert a couple weeks ago.”

There is no truth to the rumor that he wears his skinny jeans, a flannel shirt, and fake glasses while listening to his favorite current band.  Tommaso chuckled, but didn’t have an answer for which one was Mumford, and which ones were the sons.

13. Favorite band of all time?
“I gotta go with U2. I’ve grown up with them.”

14. Most embarrassing song on your iPod that you still rock out to?
We eased him into it with our answers (James – Eddie Murphy’s “Party All the Time,” Asa – massive amounts of Justin Bieber) and watched him scroll through, seeming to find multiple examples of what he could consider.

MMM Bop” by Hanson seemed to jump out at him.  “I played drums at the time that song came out, so I got several comparisons from classmates.” (Note – Tommaso does not have dreamy locks of long blonde hair, but I think he could pull it off.)

15. Anything else you would want our readers to know?
“I hope that they appreciate the content that we put out, and if they have suggestions, to reach out and engage with us”

16. Advice for someone who is a senior making their final college choice or, about to start their college search?

Encouraging students to reach out to admission offices and students, Tommaso said, “A piece of advice would be to connect with current students at any school to get a better sense of the experience, and whether you can picture yourself at that school.”

So, there you have it; the man behind the scenes of all our Facebook posts, tweets, and Instagram photos.  Tommaso, thank you for the time, even though you were dreading it and have not been looking forward to this post whatsoever.

Don’t forget, you heard it from Tommaso himself, if you have questions, let us know.  More than anything we want to make sure you end up at the school that is the best fit in and out of the classroom.    To find out if that place is Babson, find us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!