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Babson By The Numbers

Babson has recently been challenging students, faculty and staff all over campus and online on Twitter to see just how well we know Babson by the numbers!
When I first starting watching this video of Dean Hanno, in my head I was like, “pshhhhhhh I work in Admissions. I got this. Let’s do it.”

That’s when things got really awkward.
Much to my embarrassment, I only managed to answer one of the  five questions correctly……
Thankfully no one heard my in head thoughts because that would’ve been quite the ego crusher.
And thankfully Dean Hanno struggled with the questions a bit too so I didn’t feel completely useless!

How well do you know #babsonbythenumbers? Follow along with Dean Hanno and test your knowledge, it’s harder than you’d think!
Check out http://www.babson.edu/offices-services/marketing/ambassador-toolkit/by-the-numbers/Pages/home.aspx  to see how many you got right (but no cheating!!) and to see other videos of members of the Babson Community give it their best shot.