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Spring Break Here We Come!

With spring break just one day away, the campus is buzzing with anticipation! While many students including myself are taking part in leisurely spring break vacations to various warm locations around the world, others are choosing to spend their breaks taking part in service trips or short term off shore courses. I have friends going to Malaysia to study social responsibility and also know others who are traveling to Uruguay and Argentina to study the Latin American economy. These two courses are just a few examples of the multiple unique Babson sponsored “offshore” courses that allow students to travel with other Babson students as well as receive Babson credits and professor instruction. These courses are a great opportunity to not only travel to unique places around the world but also to get ahead in your credits. I personally haven’t gotten the chance to take one yet, but I am hoping to take part in one before I graduate! In the meantime, I wish everyone a safe, relaxing, and fun vacation! 🙂

Malaysia Offshore  Uruguay Argentina Offshore