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FME ’13 Spotlight: Mix-It-Mug

Mix It Mug

The Product

Mix-It-Mug is a self-stirring mug which mixes your beverage with the press of a button. Instantly mix your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate with milk and sugar, or make a quick protein shake. The mug utilizes a small motor at the base which spins to create a whirlpool-like effect, effectively mixing the mug’s liquid contents while eliminating the possibility of spillage.


Mix It Mug Team

The Mix-It-Mug Team

Mix-It-Mug is available in five colors and two sizes:

  • 12 ounce stainless steel mug with double wall polypropylene liner for maximum insulation.
  • 14 ounce stainless acrylic travel mug with stainless steel inner liner, available in five colors.


Mix It Mug 3

MixItMug is working to support Engeye; a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission “to improve living conditions and reduce unnecessary suffering in rural Africa through education and compassionate health care.” Part of that education includes supporting sustainable business development and entrepreneurship. Engeye believes that all people deserve access to quality medical care and a solid education, irrespective of the soil on which they were born. Engeye operates primarily in Ddegeya Village, Uganda but also engages in weekly outreaches to more rural and needy communities and supports a variety of schools and youth education in the surrounding region.

Our Very Own Adrienne Ramsey testing out Mix-It-Mug at the FME Fair

Our very own Adrienne Ramsey testing out Mix-It-Mug at the FME Fair. I think it’s safe to say the Mix-It-Mug blew her away!


“One thing I would personally love to say is that regardless of which business idea a student pursues in FME, he or she will learn so much about all aspects of business — from marketing, to sales and operations. FME gives you a taste of everything! As Chief Operating Officer, I have personally learned more about myself as a leader and as a teammate through my constant interactions with the Mix-It-Mug Team. FME is a priceless experience that no other college can offer. We have sold close to 700 of our Mix-It-Mugs, which come in two sizes and five colors. Let’s face it, our Mix-It-Mugs are fun to use!”

-Chris LoGrippo

(Chief Operating Officer of Mix-It-Mug)


 Interested in ordering a Mix-It-Mug for yourself? A friend? Or do you simply want to learn more about the product?

Check out the Mix-It-Mug website.