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It’s All Fun and Games Until Somebody Goes to the NCAA Tournament

Going back to my last two blogs and my failure to meet the $300 challenge (Part I and Part II), I was, at some point, going to have to pay with my pride.  Well, without going into too many details, I will report that a bunch of us from the Office of Admission attended a hockey game this past weekend and I was forced to wear the sweatshirt of my alma mater’s chief rival throughout the game.  It was a big surprise and they definitely “got” me.  HOWEVER…I got the last laugh because my team cruised to a big victory.  I’ll leave the rest out because I am such a gracious winner (not at all in this case).Babson ECAC

In much more important news, our office has finished reading applications (decisions will be released online Sunday, March 10th at 3:00 PM EST) and we actually have time to do things outside the office.  A few counselors have taken to playing basketball after work and had a two-on-two game scheduled for last night.  Now, just coincidentally, the way the teams worked out, it was the two counselors I supervise versus two counselors supervised by another Associate Director, Courtney Leahy.  Obviously, we have to make it a little more interesting and make a wager on the outcome (are you sensing a theme in our office?).  For this, we said the losers would have to take the winners out to lunch; nothing big, just putting a little more on the line.

pickup hoops

Check out that great rebounding technique!

First of all, this game was intense from the start.  I loved the hustle, fight, and determination on both sides.  While it was a slow start as I think both teams were simply too amped up, they were certainly playing great defense (or bad offense, perhaps).  To make a long story short, my team of Ellen and Tim cruised to a well-earned victory over Hannah and Tommaso before we had to pack up to make room for the FME Dodgeball Tournament.   More importantly, that means we will be treated to lunch at some time in the near future.

All of this (including post-game burritos from Boloco), was a prelude to the first round of the NCAA Hockey Tournament taking place at Babson.  The Men’s Hockey team had won their conference championship over the weekend with a huge comeback victory in the semifinals and then a victory over the #1 ranked Division III team to lock up the NCAA bid.  It’s not every day you get the chance to host an NCAA tournament game, so a few of us took a trip over to the Babson Skating Center for the match up with Wentworth.


Pre Game Intros

Head over to the Babson Athletics webpage for a great recap, complete with video highlights of the game and post-game press conferences.  I’ll just add that it was a great game (not just because we won 6-1, although that obviously helps) as the rink was packed with fans.  The Babson students really got into it, and the experience of hosting a tournament game just can’t be beat.  Since our staff personally knows so many people, including coaches and players, we took a lot of pride in seeing the success of Babson Hockey and how well they represent the school.

Babson Hockey 2

On to Round Two!

This weekend, cheer Babson on as they have a rematch with Norwich in Vermont on Saturday, March 9th at 7 PM.  Be sure to check out the Babson Hockey home page for updated links of how to watch online,


Also follow @BabsonHockey and @BabsonAdmission on twitter for updates.  Also, everyone should see Tommaso’s strong Instagram game, by checking out the Babson Admission account.

I’ve already made the promise that if the team makes it to the National Championship, I’ll road trip it up to Lake Placid, NY, so LET’S GO BEAVERS!

Hey, if you’re up for a trip or already in Vermont, check out the game in person!