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The Senior of Senioritis

Order Up! Let’s see, we’ve got:

2 – 12 page papers with accompanying presentations
1 – 45 second stretch of choreography
4 – hour long dance sessions (after cancelling 2)
1 – Spring Auction to Run
1 – 7 hours student coaching session

…. and if I really wanted to split hairs, I could keep going, but I’ll spare you the details and really hone in on the culprit of all of this — SENIORITIS.

Truly a phenomenon that you hear about in your freshman year, think about during your sophomore year, pretty sure you’re affected by it during your junior year, and then you’re waist deep in it during you senior year, and man, I am WAIST DEEP. I honestly spend most of my time thinking about this:

Kicking it

This is usually what I do when I get back to my room

 or I’m actually doing this.

He has no idea how good he has it.


The thing about it, is how willing I am to not do anything. As seniors you have gotten to the top of the food chain, you have given your time, energy, ideas, and more energy to every task that really meant something to you and maybe one or two that were good resume boosters. And now, you would like to kick back and look at your glorious kingdom and all of the accomplishments before you. After sending out those applications to colleges and spending time playing the waiting game, you are in the midst of senioritis in what I like to call “Wrap Up Mode”.

At this point, you’re shutting down shop, handing over the keys, wishing good luck, and dealing out the final pieces of your knowledge to those who you deemed worthy to follow your career. For many of you, I know my list above is a cake walk to you, because you managed to find that 25th hour and as things wind down, you’re savoring those last few moments, but for some reason the work still seems to be there.

If I were to offer any advice it would be the following: Stay Strong. As my mentor played “Hell’s Bells” by ACDC in one of many attempts to get me pumped for Monday, he reminded me of an extremely important note. The next chapter of my life is coming whether I like it or not, and though I do believe in personal TLC and time to relax and enjoy my successes, I really need to focus on the next thing. Go borrow those keys and do one last check in the office that you deemed your own, go out and kick it with the newer soccer kids, make up one last piece of wisdom to share amongst your mentees. You were not made a leader because you were expected to be dull in the end.

I’ve got jobs to apply for, research to do, and dances to choreograph, so I have to run, but it’s not all over, keep your head to the books, and your eyes on the prize, you’re almost there.



The Senior of Senioritis