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The Internship Search: A National Treasure

Some of my favorite movies in recent memory have been the movies in the National Treasure series starring Nicholas Cage. History, mystery and even disappointment have been some of the things I have felt when watching the movie. Nevertheless, Nicholas Cage never fails to disappoint when out of nowhere he finds a treasure that re writes the history books. Like Cage, I am on my search for a national treasure: an internship. Now you may be thinking what an internship is going to do for the well being for manhood. Well nothing, but for me, a whole lot!

Over the past few months I have been working hard utilizing Babson Career Connections, Alumni and family relations and even cold calling to find my national treasure. As of now, nothing.

Remember the following conversation between Cage and his father in the movie:


And the treasure?                  


No, no. But we found another clue


that led us here.



Yeah, and that’ll lead you


to another clue.


And that’s all you’ll ever find,


is another clue. Don’t you get it, Ben?


This is exactly how I feel! One interview after another and after another and that’s all! When are these interviews actually going to turn into an offer, a treasure?  Nevertheless it’s important to know that the internship process is a very tedious and stressful process.  It’s important to always be prepared and ready for any opportunity that may show up! Good luck for those of you still on search for your treasure. I hope you find it soon.

internship pic National Treasure