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Launch Party: Class of 2016 FME Businesses

Creative. Innovative. Practical. These are the first words that come to my mind when I think about Babson’s approach to a specialized business education. There are countless factors that contribute to making Babson’s education dynamic, while also focusing on the development of skills which envelop and transcend business so that students have multidimensional abilities, and can contribute to the modern world on many different levels. With that being said, Babson’s Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship (FME) is by far among the frontrunners in this category. Why? I’ll show you…BTN FME Donations

By infusing the spirit of creativity, innovation, and practicality into our academic programs, Babson shapes leaders capable of anticipating, initiating and managing change to create opportunities and make a difference; this all starts in the first semester at Babson in FME. As part of a 7-credit yearlong immersion course into the business world, all first-year Babson students develop, launch, manage and then liquidate a business built entirely of their creation. Babson provides up to $3,000 per startup which is repaid after liquidation of the business at semester’s end and all proceeds made by the startup are donated to a charity of the students’ choice.

Although the program has been in operation since 1999, businesses launched from FME don’t always receive the recognition they deserve, especially from an Admission standpoint. Prospective students like yourselves really need a closer look inside the heart of FME and the high caliber of ideas that emerge.

Recently, the Boston Herald featured an article entitled, “Babson students’ 19 startups show class, charity” highlighting FME Businesses from the Class of 2016 and here in our office, we thought…why don’t we talk more about these startups too? After all, they are coming alive and making their debut right here where we are!

Throughout the next few weeks, I will be spotlighting a handful of FME Businesses from the Babson Class of 2016, with the intention to show you exactly how creative, innovative and practical our students truly are.

Don’t want to wait? You can check out the full listing of FME Businesses.