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The Life I Wish To Live: A Vision Statement to Live Peacefully and Joyfully

My Leadership course, taught by Professor James Hunt, recently had an assignment to write a vision statement about our lives and futures. I wanted to share my statement as I found it to be a compelling exercise that really got me thinking about what it is that I value in my life and where I see myself in the future. For college students, I think it is especially important to reflect upon what kind of person you envision yourself becoming.

Writing vision statements may seem like a straightforward process but I highly encourage you to try it out yourself—you may be surprised by what is triggered in your mind! See my statement below:

During my time at Babson, I have come to realize that the best life is the one that is filled with experiences and feelings that bring me peace and joy. Accomplishing feats which lead me closer to my dreams speaks volumes about the value of an articulate vision to help me progress into the future. From seemingly trifle everyday activities to grander goals in life, my personal vision statement is far-reaching and wholly-encompassing, but also an attainable dream.

I have always said that I wish to wake up every day with a purpose and retire at night with a sense of accomplishment, and that begins with ensuring that I have a positive impact on every person whom I encounter, whether that means showing a smile or having an in-depth conversation. I wish to live life with integrity, making sure my decision-making is ethical and that I am embodying the values I wish to share with peers and colleagues. I will travel the world, arriving at least one new destination every year, and I will never restrict myself from spending money on the things that I want most. I will continue to expand my knowledge by reading something new or writing creatively every day, and I will someday give back this wisdom by becoming a professor at a world-class institution.

Throughout life, no matter what my status or class, I will never forget my family and always value and love my close relationships. As an entrepreneur, manager, or leader, I will be open to talking to any colleague no matter where he or she falls on the hierarchy, and I will make an effort to know everyone on a more personal level. The world is my oyster, and I will look at every threat, challenge, or task not as a burden but as an opportunity to grow. I will continue to maintain my passion for health and fitness and will someday hike mountains that make one seem like he is on top of the world. I challenge myself to uphold this vision and a fun challenge it will be!