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How To Enjoy a Long Weekend

So I know I promised you a blog post last week. Well, I guess I lied. In my defense, my thoughts were clouded with excitement for the long weekend that was quickly approaching. And since I don’t have class on Fridays, my weekend was extra long.  I normally never leave campus when there are long weekends, but my parents’ friends were visiting from Chile and they wanted to see me, so I decided to head up to my ski house in Vermont on Thursday afternoon to spend some relaxing time with my family, my puppies and the snow!

After a short 3 hour drive through the boonies of Massachusetts and Vermont, I finally made it. I even beat my family by a good couple of hours. I took the alone time to catch up on some TV shows that I had missed while at school and even fall asleep at one point before the whirlwind that is my crazy Hispanic family showed up. I stayed up with them for a bit, catching up and filling them in on my life at Babson since I haven’t seen these friends in easily over 6 years. Eventually, I put myself to bed because I knew I needed to be up early the next morning to take advantage of the fresh snow and the empty mountain. In hindsight, this “relaxing” weekend forced me to wake up by 7:20 every morning so I’m not that sure it was very beneficial in helping me catch up on some much needed sleep.

On Friday, my brother and I went out for some runs together. He’s a snowboard instructor at our mountain and when I was in Vermont for Christmas break, he was always working, so we never got a chance to ski together. He wasn’t working on Friday so I dragged him out with me (apparently I’m not cool enough for him).

Look how excited he is to be with me.

Look how excited he is to spend time with his awesome older sister.

Friday was the most incredible day of skiing I had all season. The snow was impeccable, it was warm out, and there were no lift lines. Saturday was also super nice, but the lines were getting long and the slopes were getting a bit too crowded for my liking. Sunday, I went out for an hour before I froze into an ice cube and had to call it quits. My tolerance for the cold has drastically decreased since my high school ski racing days unfortunately. Those would come in handy on cold mornings when I’m walking to class.

Skiing has always been a huge part of my life and was actually a major factor for me when choosing a school oddly enough. The nice thing about Babson is that within about an hour of campus, you can find some really nice mountains in state. And if you want to drive a bit further, you can hit some even nicer mountains in southern/central Vermont or New Hampshire. I know my facebook news feed was flooded with pictures of classmates out skiing all over the place this weekend!

I wish the weekend could’ve been just a bitttttt longer. Mainly because, like I said before, I barely slept at all this weekend.Either way, I’m so happy I decided to go away for the weekend and see my family. Now I just need to readjust to English because right now my brain is still running on Spanish mode.