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Comfort (American) Food

Although I am LOVING Spanish food (tapas, paella, gazpacho, Spanish omelets, etc) I miss American food–or food that I can get in America. Before I arrived in Barcelona, my sister and two other friends who have studied in Barcelona all told me that I “HAD TO” try Bo-de-B. Wow! Bo-de-B is amazing. It is easily going to become one of my favorites. It is a SMALL hole-in-the-wall kind of place. Inside there are only three tables so I have not yet been able to sit down. However, you can walk up to the window and order the most DELICIOUS sandwiches. The bread is perfectly toasted, the meat is well season and cooked on the spot, and the vegetables are the most fresh I have ever tasted. The sandwiches are stuffed with the garnishings of your choice and the bread is coated with their “special” sauces (I have no idea what they put on but it’s amazing!)

bodab bodabeeeee

The line wraps around the entire outside of the building, as primary Americans wait for some cheap comfort food…but it is totally worth the wait!