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Memoirs of a Freshman

Whenever someone asks what my favorite Babson memory has been–I’d by lying if I said anything but the Quidditch games at Greek Week my freshman year.

Greeks and Non-Greeks alike swarmed the upper fields that windy April saturday to watch over 100 fraternity guys and sorority girls battle to the death…running around playing quidditch.

greek week 1

Being a part of Chi Omega, our team was Ravenclaw Omega! (and yes, the girl in front was one of our human snitches).

We had a great team-crest as well.

greek week 3

Let the games begin! We were all so excited to play real quidditch to round-out an amazing and sucessful Greek Week 2011.

If y’all are interested in how quidditch is played, I found this highly entertaining youtube clip we were shown prior to playing to make sure we knew what we were doing…even though we made up the majority of the rules as we went. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UfPij5ABdo

Well its that time of year once again! Time to plan Greek Week!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Greek Week–it’s a week where the sororities and fraternities on campus compete in a series of games and contests tailored to a central theme every spring. It’s a great way to bring all of the chapters together and show the rest of the Babson community how much fun it can be to go Greek!

In the past two years we have had a World Cup-themed, and Harry Potter-themed Greek Week, and this year we have the best theme yet–World Series! This is my second year on Greek Council–the governing body for the Greek Community, and the group that plans Greek Week! I am so excited to get back in the swing of things and plan another fun-filled, successful Greek Week. I can’t wait to finish planning this year’s Greek Week with the rest of Greek Council!